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Why Selling Your Pasco County Home with a Real Estate Agent Might Mean Settling for Less


If you are thinking of selling your house with a local Florida Real Estate agent, then you need to abandon that line of thinking right now!  Here are some ways selling with a local agent might go wrong for you:

You Think Your Family Member/Friend Can Help

Never substitute friendship with the professional credentials that a friend or loved one may not have! If you must sell with an agent, then scrutinize carefully before deciding on one. Spend time doing your research, just as you would have done when hiring an accountant for your taxes. If the friend is also a professional, then they won’t mind offering their credentials or competing for your business.

Two other reasons why you might want to rethink hiring a friend or family member as your agent:

Risking the Relationship

If the sale goes badly, then you may have effectively ruined your relationship with them!

Depending on Someone Else

You may end up messing up your timeline, if the agent happens to be a friend who is not behaving in a professional manner. Quick sales in case you require fast cash would be out of the question!

You Think Profit Will Help You Pay the Commission

If you are going to sell your house with an agent, then you may have to pay quite a bit, especially if they happen to be an experienced one. You could be paying the agent as much as 6% or more out of the price at which you sell the house. If you do not make any profit on the sale, then that is 6% less from what you might have received otherwise.

You Went with the Agent who Agreed with Your Price

The worst kind of Real Estate agent is the one who tells you exactly what you want to hear! Such an agent is more interested in making a sale than they are in you and are woefully shortsighted. In their haste to get your business, they will accept the selling price that you name. This is a useless strategy if you were looking to sell your home at the highest possible price.

Proper Pricing

The first few days after you have listed your house for sale is the time when it will receive the most attention from different agents as a “new” listing. If the price is right, then they are more likely to show it to their buyers.

Pricing it too High

A house that has been priced too high over than what it is really worth, will most likely sit on the market for some time. Dropping the price later would give the others the impression that you are desperate to make a sale. Subsequent offers will thus be even lower prices until you end up accepting a price much lower than what you had planned to get.

Too Low a Price

You won’t get the money that your home is actually worth.

If you want to avoid all these headaches or skip maneuvering through the complexities of selling your home, why not make the right choice. If you are looking to sell your home in Pasco County Florida, whether the home is located in Port Richey, New Port Richey, Hudson or Holiday Florida, then consider selling to Pasco Cash Buyers.  Pasco Cash Buyers provides so many advantages to you that if you are considering another choice, it may not make any sense! Visit Pasco Cash Buyers  website and sell your house now!


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